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Since the approval of the Concept Design by the church membership we have been working towards a Community Presentation and approval by the City.  If you need to refresh your memory or would like to the progress with a friend, we have a website which is regularly updated:

Please be praying about the following next steps:

  • Pre-application to the City: In the next two weeks Castlepoint is setting up a meeting with the City staff to review the project and to get their initial feedback and list any concerns that they might have.
  • Community Presentation: We are working with Castlepoint to have the Concept Design presentation ready for the week of July 26th.  It will be a large Zoom meeting.  Being such a large meeting, there are different factors to consider.  Once the date is set, we will be letting the church community know. Be sure to tell family and friends to join in on the presentation.
  • Application to the City (Zoning & Bylaw Amendment Application): Castlepoint has already been working putting the application together.  We hope to submit it to the City in September.