The Early Beginnings - 1893 -1897

The beginning of a Baptist witness in Weston was intiated by an exciting church in Highfiled, which was situated in the Rexdale area of what is now Metropolitan Toronto. This Baptist witness began in 1893, twenty five people were present. 

A Small Brick Sunday Schoolroom On The Back Of the Lot

When the small brick building measuring 32' x 50' was constructed "for a cost of $500" those pioneer members had the foresight to locate it at the back of the lot. Although at the Annual Meeting of 1909 the clerk reported that 29 members had been recieved during the year, the church remained small and church life apathetic.

A New Church Is Built - 1947

Attendance at all services increased, more young people were attracted and put to work, as they became eligible, in Sunday School, B.Y.P.U. and choir - and it soon became evident that the church would have to expand it"s facilities or stop growing. Pastor Greer favoured erecting a new building without delay.

Operation Nehemiah - 1983

"Operation Nehemiah" There was a vote to expand the front of the building in June 1983 and to raise $180,000 for the project. Under the leadership of Clark Kostik as Building Committee chair we worked hard for a completion date of Feb, 1984. The elevator was installed, the foyer was completed and the cornerstone was laid Dec, 18, 1983.  Dave Saunders was the chair of the Deacon's Board

Search For Tomorrow - 1987

Once again it was a year of change as we moved forward with our "Search For Tomorrow'. To reach out to the Community of Weston, a unique opportunity arose. Tim Huff decided to become a part of Youth For Christ and to work with youth, specifically the youth of his home school Weston Collegiate Institute. 

Weston Baptist & Pelmo Park Baptist Merged - 1990 

It seems each year brings unique excitment. After the important vote in October 1989, Pelmo Park reconsidered their future. As a result, the people of Pelmo Park Baptist joined Weston Baptist and formally changed the church's name to Weston Park Baptist Church.