Knowing God

»    Knowing God the Father, Son and Spirit and making Him known to new generations
»    Deepening our relationship with God by learning, understanding and applying biblical principles to our daily lives

Worshipping God

»    Worshipping God in a celebratory, artistic and vibrant style, meaningfully reflecting our diversity

Communicating the Message of Christ

»    Acknowledging Christ’s death and resurrection as fundamental to our faith
»    Following Christ’s example in working for justice in our community, living in solidarity with the marginalized and oppressed
»    Seeking to understand and meet the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of the people of Weston

Celebrating diversity in Christ

»    Acknowledging the variety of economic, cultural and generational perspectives in our community
»    Fostering a climate where all are included and encouraged to participate

Participating in God’s work in the world

»     Believing in the power of the gospel to transform people anywhere in our world
»     Working and praying with expectancy for God’s kingdom to come


We Believe

Here is a link to read what we as a community of Christians believe.