Castlepoint Numa, our development partner, continues to be an outstanding partner with their experience in the Development industry proving to be second to none.

Use the link below to visit the website that Castlepoint Numa has designed to regularly update the community with information relating to the project.

Visit westonpark.ca

How did we get here?

It was 2005 …

Weston Park’s neighbour of 40 years, West End Chrysler, posted a FOR SALE sign on their property.

And … after 10 months, 35 meetings and 679 “Chrysler Committee” email messages and innumerable prayers the people of Weston Park celebrated God’s miraculous gift of a portion of that property!


The first Habar Committee was established with the mandate of researching the needs of the Weston community and how we could best use this newly acquired land to serve it more fully. This group laid the groundwork for fruitful, creative ministry to take place in the years to come. In their final report the mission statement and direction of the church were affirmed along with the future of Frontlines. Further definition had yet to be worked out for the type of building, nature of partnerships and ministries to be accommodated on the property.


Habar II began to work on the development phase of the future building project.

As Chair, Earl Davey led a multifaceted team of people who explored design options, partnership potential and community relations. An initial partnership was established with World Vision to fund the development of a conceptual document which articulated the purposes of the project and a business plan for moving forward.

2008 and forward

Efforts have been directed towards establishing a governance model for the new facility. This model would articulate the relationship of this new structure with the church, Frontlines and any other potential partners.