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Your Habar Steering Group is presently addressing the many issues influencing the church re-development.  We have visited two Toronto churches to learn how they faced the issues of re-development process and sustainability.  We continue to work with Castlepoint and the architect to establish a concept plan.  Kendra Fry & LoriAnn Girvan are consultants who are helping us to explore various income sources for sustainability.  Steve Rowley is assisting in finding a ministry partner. 

After several meetings with Metrolinx, they decided that they do not want to participate in the project.  This means that the scope of the development will be limited to the church lands and the former bank property.

Please pray for your Steering Group and the Castlepoint staff.  Also, pray for the architects, Kendra Fry & LoriAnn Girvan and Derek Ballantyne as they continue to bring guidance and experience to the process.