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The WPBC Habar Steering Group has participated in many on-line and telephone meetings to advance the project. Presently, we are addressing following questions:

  • How do you take the “needs list” set out by the church and turn it into a preliminary or working design?
    By working with the architect, we have a preliminary design which meets the desires of the church.

  • How much it will cost and will there be enough money?
    The partnership has engaged a construction costing consultant who projected the income that will be generated by the project against the cost of construction. At this early stage the numbers are matching up, but there is more work to be done.

  • Once the facility is built, how will we sustain it? 
    This will be a large space and we need a person to manage it and a source of income to support this person’s salary and the on-going maintenance.  We are considering a proposal from consultants that have experience with churches and community centres in building financial sustainability plans that are realistic and proven on other projects.

  • Is Metrolinx interested in being part of the project? 
    Three meetings have taken place with Metrolinx staff. At this point in time we do not yet know if it will be feasible to include the Weston Station lands in the project.  

Prayer has brought the church to this point in time and prayer will take us to the finish line. 
Please pray.

Castlepoint Numa (our development partner) continues to be an outstanding partner. Their experience in the development industry is second to none.
They have organized a website that will be regularly updated with information relating to the project.