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On Sunday April 30th we gathered for a sit-down lunch and enjoyed a Meet and Greet with Dorothy Pang and Tim Tang (Tyndale University - Tim’s Centre consultants). Dorothy and Tim were excited to share the Moving Forward’s 2022 accomplishments thus far and John Frogley-Rawson gave an update on the redevelopment project.

Below is highlights of the Moving Forward – 5 Year Plan Presentation and Redevelopment Update

  • Tim Tang and Dorothy Pang were hired as consultants to help guide WPBC in developing a 5-Year Plan
  • The Deacons and Pastoral team defined 2022 priorities (Ministry Partner, Ministry Director, Church Growth & Engagement, Community Outreach, using talents and gifts, Youth Leadership and Mentorship)
  • WPBC’s Leadership engaged with Tim & Dorothy on two site visits – Gibson Centre and Cornerstone Church. These are churches that are using their facilities for community engagement.
  • Our church family engaged in a 6-week Journey of Prayer for seeking God’s direction for our church community
  • A Strategic Planning Day was held with 20 key leaders from the church
  • A 2023 budget was presented and approved at our last business meeting that reflected the priorities set out in the Moving Forward – 5 Year Plan

John gave a Habar update, showed the building design and talked about the various spaces. We were reminded of things that need our continued prayer – escalating construction costs, space requirement/restrictions, financial stability plan, plans for the original church, exterior of the new church space, parking, and fundraising from foundations.

Marjorie Richards thanked Dorothy and Tim for their efforts working with Weston Park and for joining us at the lunch. Marjorie also remarked on how she has enjoyed working with them over the last year.

A quick business meeting was held.

  • Salary ranges for the Youth Pastor and Children & Family Pastor:  Darlene Lucas presented a proposed salary range for the Youth Pastor and Children & Families Pastor positions on behalf of the hiring committee. There was much discussion around the salary ranges, and the outcome was to approve the WPBC salary range as presented. 
  • [Job Descriptions for each Pastoral position is available here.]

*   Formal Meeting Minutes will be made available soon for review. We will vote on the acceptance of the minutes at our next church family meeting.

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