Over 50 years ago a number of volunteers from Mt. Dennis and Weston Baptist church would regularly go to the Weston Sanitarium for Tuberculosis one Sunday a month.  They would share the love of Christ with the children in the Queen Mary wing who were mostly from northern First Nations villages.  Over the years these contacts continued and many lasting memories were formed.  In recent years the Weston Sanitarium became the West Park Health Centre and with new facilities and programs came new opportunities for sharing God’s good news.  

On the second Sunday of the month a faithful group from Weston Park arrive at West Park to set up for worship.  Some go to the various rooms and wheel the residents to the chapel.  Others arrange the chairs and prepare the music and overheads.  All are involved in warmly greeting our friends old and new.  This is such a wonderful setting to introduce both young and old to the joys of serving Jesus.   

With the passing of the peace the 30 minute service is brought to a conclusion that seems too soon.  Then it is back to their room and space is made for those who are coming for the Roman Catholic service that follows.  It is encouraging that a number of those coming for the later service arrive early to hear the lively singing from the Baptist service.  

We would love to introduce you to this wonderful ministry.  A smile or quiet thank you from a resident is the perfect start to the day.  Please join us.  You are most welcome. Don’t be surprised or alarmed if you are approached in the near future by someone saying, “Have I got an opportunity for you.”