Bolivia - OCTOBER 31-NOVEMBER 16, 2023

The team from WPBC will be travelling to Bolivia for a time of learning, sharing and service. We will be working with Ivan Gutierrez’s church in Cochabamba to understand community concerns in the global south. Our time will provide opportunity to make positive contributions through ESL programs, community engagement projects, and interactive church relations.

Please be praying for our participants: Pastor Alan, Lesline Irons, Shadoe Mayer, Darcy Mohr, and Muyiwa Falope.

The cost to each participant is approximately $3500. If you would like to assist any one or all of these individuals in meeting this financial goal you may donate in any of the following ways:

  • e-transfer:
  • CanadaHelps:
    (CanadaHelps issues tax receipts directly.)
  • Cheque or Cash (given to the individual or given to the church)

Please indicate the individual that you would like your support to go towards or if you would like your donation to be shared by the whole group.

For tax receipts to be issued from Weston Park Baptist Church, please use the link below to fill out a form with the details needed to process a receipt. (Receipts will be issued in February next year.) 

Tax Receipt for donation to WPBC Missions Trip

Over the past ten years we have been working with Ivan Gutierrez and the church he leads in Cochabamba, Bolivia (‘Iglesia Bautista Nacional Renacer’-‘Reborn National Baptist Church’ which is part of the National Baptist Convention). Over this time we have sent three different mission teams to Bolivia to work with Ivan on different projects in both city and rural environs. Pastor Alan has even a longer shared history with Ivan and his ministries in Bolivia stretching back some twenty years. We continue to develop this shared ministry with Pastor Ivan and will be looking to send a team to Cochabamba in the late fall of 2023 (estimated time is November 2023).

Our two churches share a love for both the vibrant worship of God and the preaching and study of the word of God. We share in the love of musical and demonstrative praise of God as well as sharing the love of Jesus in practical ways throughout the community. We minister in different contexts but learn from each other throughout the year with regular conversations, prayer, zoom connections, and on-site visits.

Please be in prayer for our partnership (as two churches that share deep historical connections) that we will grow, learn, and glorify our triune God together over the coming years.