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When we are a long way from home, and we hear a word in our mother tongue, an emotional connection is made. Pastor Alan has made many trips to Bolivia, teaching in the seminary there. Committed to both the vocation and the relationships, the study and practice of their language came naturally to him as a life-long learner. 

If you noticed the new Communion cloth we used in June, it was a gift from our friends in Bolivia. A beautiful sign of the relationship. There is particular significance in this time when we experience not only the distance of miles, but the distance of separation. In the virtual experience of communion that day, I borrowed the wooden doe (also featured in the picture) patiently and lovingly carved by the hands of John Cullen. Betty Cullen’s husband passed away earlier this summer. Together in Spirit, we celebrate Jesus’ life, death and resurrection, as well as the love lives despite physical separation.

This colourful cloth for our table is a reminder of love experienced, remembered and celebrated! 

In a written piece I found from 2014, Darcy shared his excitement for the trip to Bolivia with his daughter Jayde. Treat yourself and track down one of the past participants in mission trips to hear what they learned about the lives and challenges of our brothers and sisters in Christ who live in Bolivia. Listen for what they learned about themselves!