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Over the past year the Frontlines Board has taken steps to indicate their desire to separate from the partnership with Weston Park Baptist Church by requesting that WPBC be taken out of Frontlines' Governing Bylaws. The church leadership has undertaken a number of conversations with Frontlines representatives regarding this matter.

Since Frontlines’ inception Weston Park has understood the organization as an important part of our community identity. Over the last number of years, however, our ability to provide leadership to Frontlines from within our church membership has declined. Increasingly the Board and staffing has taken shape from outside the church by individuals from within and outside of the Weston area.

Weston Park Baptist cannot be taken out of Frontlines’ Governing Bylaws without the approval of the church congregation at an Annual Business meeting. We as a church community need to take time to discuss this change and come to a resolve on how we wish to move forward.

We would like to provide an opportunity for our church community to discuss this change in advance of our upcoming Annual Meeting and as a result we will be providing members with a Fact Sheet that outlines the history, discussion and decisions thus far. We hope you take time to read it. If you would like to join in on such a meeting, look for more details in the upcoming week or contact Darlene Lucas.

A discussion will be held at our Annual Church Meeting on December 6, 2020 and a vote will be taken at our Annual Church Meeting in January. We hope that you will join in at that time.

Please be praying for every aspect of these discussions; that God’s love would be guiding us.