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Gratitude is the beginning of our faith and hope in the possibility of creating something new in the world, of becoming someone new.

We are grateful.
You have given us this day
and have given us this way
to say Thank You.

We thank you for giving us
what we need to be grateful.
We offer back to You
     all that we have
     all that we are.
We know our thank you
is as fragile as we are
- it can be crushed
  by the care of the moment
- it can disappear
  in the heat of the day
- it can be blown away
  by the winds of suffering.

And so we ask You
to take our small thank you
into Your great act of Thanksgiving:
You, Lord of the loaves and fishes,
You who are from God
with God and for God,
You in whom it is all
Yes and Amen.


From Radical Gratitude by Mary Jo Leddy.