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Where do our offering go?

  • Frontlines Facilities
  • WAES Facilities
  • Hockey Ministries
  • STEP Partnership with the churches in Bolivia
  • Children’s’ Bible School
  • Youth Ministry
  • Our weekly offerings support all aspects of our church ministry.

By setting a Personal Giving Goal, each person becomes part of God’s work at Weston Park.  When each of us sets a Personal Gving Goal and gives weekly, God will do his amazing work!

So Where are we at?

$5,495 is needed each week through offerings & direct deposit

Received Sunday March 31st: $3,857

Update after 13 Sundays:

We received: $52,143.87
We needed: $65,369.50
Shortfall: $13,225.63

Prayerfully consider how you can respond to this shortfall.

The best way to sustain your Personal Giving Goal is to use Church Envelopes
or Direct Deposit. Speak with Murlene Heron ( if you would like to sustain your Personal Giving Goal using these tools. 

Offering may also be given online through CanadaHelps.