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Embracing the Imperatives of Jesus -

"Jesus' imperatives speak powerfully to the contemporary issues of our day, and do so by illuminating a way of clarity, simplicity, and love. Where populism demands separation, Jesus promotes unity; where institutionalism extols hierarchical power, Jesus encourages humble service; where individualism lauds immediate gratification, Jesus asserts the path of sacrificial love."

Walking the Line 

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The Epilogue

Chapter 12 - Power of Duplication

Chapter 11 - Turning the World Upside Down

Moving from Pride to Humility

Chapter 10 - Salt & Light: Two Metaphors for the People of God

Chapter 9 - Authentic Discipleship

Chapter 8 - Love is Something That You Do

Chapter 7 - The Dangers of Judgmentalism

Chapter 6 - An Anchored Faith

Chapter 5 - The Way of the True Self

Chapter 4 - The Enigma of the Downward Way

Chapter 3 - The Black Hole of Anxiety

Chapter 2 - The Lightness of Being: Laying Down One's Burdens

Chapter 1 - Launching Out into the Deep