This Fall Lucy Chaimiti and Cheryl Frogley-Rawson are planning to facilitate an Alpha series. The idea behind Alpha is to provide a space where Christ and the Christian faith is explained and a safe, unpressured environment is offered for people to discuss and explore.

Each session includes time to share a meal, watch an interesting, quality & clearly articulated video on a specific topic and then discuss some questions the video raises. [Scroll down to see when our next upcoming meeting is.]

The topics are designed for those who have little or no background in the Christian faith.  So it is our hope that we as a church family might think & pray about those we know who might want to know more about Christianity. Or maybe you come to church each week and you feel like there are gaps in your understanding of Christianity. Alpha would be a good place to learn and discuss.

Here are the type of topics that will be covered:

  1. Is There More To Life Than This? (Watch the video)

  2. Who Is Jesus?

  3. Why Did Jesus Die?

  4. How Can I Have Faith?

  5. Why and How Do I Pray?

  6. Why and How Should I Read the Bible?

  7. How Does God Guide Us?

  8. Who Is The Holy Spirit?

  9. How Can I Make The Most Of The Rest Of My Life?

  10. How Can I Resist Evil?

  11. What About The Church?

Please pray and consider whether you’d like to go a little deeper in your faith by participating in Alpha.

  • Is there someone in your life who you could pray for and ask to join in with you at Alpha?
  • Are you someone who would like to join in to learn more yourself? 

We would love to have you participate. 


Speak to Lucy Chaimiti (416-522-6310 / or Cheryl Frogley-Rawson (416-455-4626 /