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Lorraine Barter 23 days ago

Yes, I do, am thankful that I do.

Donnett Davidson 20 days ago

I have had profound experiences that I belong to God and that the Holy Spirit and the Word will comfort, guide and reveal the Truth that I belong to God. Often I reflect on what Jesus said to Phillip..." if you believe in will see greater miracles. One recent experience that left me broken is someone who try to stop God Truth and that I should stop speaking His word every time we speak. In short on Pentecost Sunday he called and apologies and admit he was wrong and all I did was show him love and encourage him to know Jesus. Even when I am wrong I seeJesus love and can talk with Him about my own wrong and fault.....Truly He is Abba Father who loved us so much that He gave His Only Begotten Son as a propitation for our sins.

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