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By Charlotte Williams

This passage can be found in a popular hymn (“The Steadfast love of the Lord never ceases. His mercies never come to an end. They are new every morning, new every morning. Great is thy Faithfulness, Oh Lord. Great is thy Faithfulness”….and it is no secret that it is one of my favourites, since it’s tattooed on my right calf under a cross with a heart going through it.

This passage holds great meaning to me and has helped get me through many storms in my life. I actually find such peace and hope in the words on a daily basis that no matter what happens, where we go or what we do; God’s love is ALWAYS with us. It is steadfast and unconditional beyond our worldly understanding. Such a Simple concept, as many lessons from God are, yet we seem to have such a hard time remembering it (partly why I decided to permanently put it on myself as a daily reminder!).

In this super-fast paced society that we live in where everyone is Go Go Go all the time, it’s no wonder why we tend to make mountains out of mole hills. We don’t have the time or opportunity to decipher between real serious issues and insignificant bumps in the road. We also aren’t allowed to make any mistakes because everyone is constantly striving for the impossible perfect, which can’t be any more in our faces than right now as we watch all the Summer Olympic athletes performing on the world’s stage. To top it all off we are constantly bombarded with messages from every direction instructing us to be self-sufficient and independent. We are programed to think that we should do it all on our own and don’t need any help from anyone else, or we run the risk of looking weak.

I’m not trying to say that there is anything wrong with being self-sufficient, independent, striving to be our optimal selves, but when are we allowed to get to the point of being real with ourselves….. when we get to humbly come before God and ask for help! Because when you’re tired or stressed or frustrated or sad, etc…. don’t you really just want a hug and to feel that deep deep love that God provides us with and promises? A love so deep that no matter how much we mess up, as we are bound to do (over and over) will ALWAYS be there. We get to ask for his forgiveness and start fresh the next day! What a beautiful concept to be aware of and live out daily.

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Bonnie Parsons over 4 years ago

Thank you for this one, Charlotte!

Steve Rowley over 4 years ago

New every morning! Thanks for such a wonderful reminder Char! May we have the courage to receive the hug.

San N. over 4 years ago

Your words were what I needed, so much, as I sit here coping with a 'lower back strain.' 3 little words referring to the ache that calls for Advil.... Anyway, thanks, Char.

Mary Ann Blaksley over 4 years ago

Charlotte, thank you for sharing this wonderful reflection and song! Yes, we must at least etch this truth into our conscious awareness, so that it is accessible to us whenever we need this reminder. I agree that when we are overwhelmed with the challenges and storms of life, that it is important to know that we are loved and hugged by God's faithfulness!

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