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On Sunday February 26th we shared lunch and some exciting Moving Forward plans for Weston Park Baptist. We are thankful for all who were able to attend and participate. Below is summary of the items we discussed at our 2023 Annual Meeting of Members & Friends.*

We began the meeting with the acceptance of the minutes from our last meeting, the approval of individuals to the positions of Treasurer, Church Clerk, Envelope Steward, and Assistant Envelope Steward. We are so thankful for all who serve in all aspects of our church’s ministry – each act of service is a gift of grace.

Darlene presented “Moving Forward”, an initiative which we are embracing as a church for the expansion of ministries and increased engagement. John Frogley-Rawson shared the progress of our Moving Forward initiative – retaining consultants, Dorothy Pang & Tim Tang, to assist us with visioning and next steps toward growth. Last year, as a part of this initiative, we embraced a Journey of Prayer and the Deacons along with 12 other church members began discussing and exploring future possibilities for our church community. Marjorie Richards shared the next steps:

  • Church luncheon with Dorothy Pang and Tim Tang, to discuss how each of us can participate in this exciting new ministry initiative.
  • Hiring of Connecting Pastor. Children Ministry Pastor and Youth Pastor (Job description to be finalized over the next few months)
  • Search for a new Ministry Partner
  • Creating a Legacy Fund

Olymuyiwa Falope gave thanks for the new funds that God has provided for us to consider these new opportunities. By combining 1844 sales, Metrolinx parking funds and our current budget, we look forward to the ways that God will guide us and minister through Weston Park in the days ahead. Steve Lucas presented our 2023 budget with some changes and increases reflecting our needs for this year.

We thank God for the many ways he is providing and guiding us, “Moving Forward”. Please continue to pray and engage in the process wherever you are able.


* Formal Meeting Minutes will be made available soon for review. We will vote on the acceptance of the minutes at our next church family meeting.

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