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Sunday's sermon invited us to reflect on Matthew 6:33 - to ask, in a practical way, how we choose to live out God’s kingdom and His righteousness in our own lives.

I choose to give Jesus control of my “to do” list and watch Him show up to guide me. I trust the Lord to open or shut doors and to put my feet where they belong. Most importantly, Jesus must work in and through me/us to bring about His kingdom and His righteousness. God must always receive the glory, honor and praise. 

Here are a few questions to reflect on this week.

  1. Am I willing to give Jesus control of my own “to do” list?
  2. What am I worried or anxious about?
  3. Name a time when God provided my need in His own mysterious way. 
    How might I be able to bring encouragement to another person by sharing this experience?
  4. Am I receptive to listen, share, and pray for someone who is anxious, worried or grieving?

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