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» Summer Sundays @ WPBC

» the Lingo 
  • Frontlines is a ministry of Weston Park reaching out to the people of the Weston neighbourhood.
  • Building the Future is the theme of our project to renew and restore our facilities at Weston Park.
  • theWAVE is the Weston Park Baptist Church Youth Group for grades 9 and up. We gather to discuss, support, muse, question, remember, celebrate and ponder the mysteries of God and His word.  Interested in participating?  Email Heather Ploeg at thewave@westonparkbaptist.org

  • Summer at a Glance
    Summer Wednesdays
    @ 7:00 PM -  Nolte Bible Study meeting at San Nolte's

    Summer Thursdays
    @ 7:00 AM - Prayer & Devotions at the church

    Summer Sundays
    Each Sunday - The Nursery's Open - for children up to 3 years of age during worship.

    Children's Bible School - is available for children from ages 4 to 9 during the worship service. The children are called forward during the worship service. Older children are invited to stay in worship.

    August 9th -
    @ 9:00 AM West Park Healthcare Centre Worship Service - Volunteers are always welcome. Please speak to Renford Bailey or Dave Saunders if you are interested in participating.

    @ 10:00 AM Habar Prayer Time at the church (in the Pelmo Rm.)

    @ 10:45 AM Worship Service
    » Guest Speaker: Rev. Terry Smith; Director of Partnerships and Initiatives with Canadian Baptist Ministries
    » Worship Leader: Heather Smith

    August 16th -
    @ 10:45 AM Worship Service
    » Guest Speaker: Kristy Grisdale; Director of Frontlines, an outreach of Weston Park which offers services and programs to our neighbours in Weston
    » Worship Leader: Mieke Geldart

    August 23rd -
    @ 10:45 AM Worship Service
    » Pastor Alan Davey is preaching
    » Worship Leader: Pastor Alan

    Monday August 24th -
    @ 7:30 PM Deacons' Team meeting at the church

    August 30th -
    @ 10:45 AM Worship Service
    » Pastor Alan Davey is preaching
    » Worship Leader: Rev. Terry Smith


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