Week 2: March 27 - April 2

Jesus was Anoinited

Bible Passage: Matthew 26:6-13; John 12:1—8

Scripture Verse: Psalm 145: 2-3 (ICB)

“I will praise you every day. I will praise you forever and ever. The Lord is great. He is worthy of our praise”

Lesson Summery 

  • It is good to enjoy the gifts that God has provided us, but we must never forget how much more of a treasure Jesus is. Our worship of Jesus shows how much we treasure Him.  
  • Mary reconizes that Jesus death is immenet and prepares him for burial. 

Lesson Outline

  • Insight for Parents
  • Lesson Visual
  • Printable Activites
  • Craft: Worship Perfum Bottles
  • Intro Activitiy: What is it worth
  • Application Activity : Sense of Smell
  • Songs of Worship
  • Let's keep Learning...ideas for the rest of the week
    • Treasure hunt
    • Oil and Water Science Experiment
    • Smelly Feet 


Insight for Parents / Guardians 

Three decades had passed since Jesus arrived on earth as a helpless baby. He grew up and began His ministry. People wondered, could this be the Messiah? From the time sin entered the world through Adam, God was working out His rescue plan. Finally, at just the right time, God sent His Son into the world. 

People began talking about the possible Messiah. If He really was the “Anointed One” — the promised Deliver — when would He rise up the Roman government? As Jesus’ ministry came to a close, He made His way to Jerusalem. But Jesus wasn’t about to overthrow a government; He was about to die.

Jesus was eating supper at Simon’s house in Bethany when Mary (sister of Lazarus) poured oil over Jesus.  Her act angered the disciples, who thought the oil should have been sold and the money used to help the poor. But Jesus affirmed Mary for her actions. Mary did not waste the oil; she used it to worship Jesus. Jesus allowed Mary to anoint Him because He deserved to be anointed. Jesus is more valuable than anything. 

Jesus said that Mary had prepared Him for burial (Matthew 26:12). Days later, Jesus died on the cross to rescue people from sin. On the third day, He rose from the dead.  Jesus is alive!

Jesus is our Saviour. God calls us to treasure Him more than anything or anyone else.  We can show our love for him trough the ways we worship. He is worthy of all our praise. 


Lesson Visuals

Video - Jesus was Anointed

Discussion Starter  Video

Discussion Video Follow up Questions

  • Do you think Benjamin cares for his dodge volley ball? Why or why not?
  • What are some easy ways  that we can show that we treasure Jesus?
  • Are there any things that we are tempted to treasure more than Jesus?

Printable Activity Sheets



Intro Activity 

What are things worth?

Option 1: Gather several items around your house of increasing value(ie. can of beans, toy, tool,  cell phone, wedding ring, toilet paper :)) Have children guess and arrange the items  by price (less to most expensive or vice verse). Have them then re-order items in order that they find less important to most important (or vice versa)  Was there a difference between the order when arranging by price? Why?

Option 2: Have children and yourself bring one or two items you really treasure and value (i.e. a a favourite toy, a stuffy, a picture). Take turns sharing why  each of you value your item(s).

Lesson Connection:In today’s bible story Mary showed Jesus is more valuable than anything.  Let us see how Mary worshiped Jesus and showed He is most important.

Application Activity

Sense of SmellGather several foods and spices that have a strong aroma. (ie. lemon slice, onion slice,  coffee grounds, vanilla, curry powder, garlic powder, cinnamon).  Have children close their eyes (or you can use a blind fold) and smell the contents. Have then then try and guess what is the food/spice. 

Lesson Connection: The oil Mary anointed Jesus with smelled good, like perfume and filled the whole room.  Mary worshiped Jesus.  Jesus is the most important and He deserves to be worship

Songs of Worship

One way we can show Jesus how much we love him is through our voices.  Here are some links to some songs that you can sing with the whole family. 


Let's Keep learning .... Activities Throughout the Week

Here are some fun activity ideas that you can do throughout the week with the fmaily that tie in with our story of Jesus being Anointed.

Treasure hunt

Create a treasure hunt for your kids. Once the hunt is completed  ask who is our greatest treasure? And how like Mary can we show that Jesus is our greatest treasure?

Oil and Water experiments



While you explore the fun of science through water and oil ask:

  •  What did Mary pour on Jesus’s feet? (oil) 
  • Why did she pour it on Jesus feet? (set Jesus apart, to worship Jesus. To prepare Jesus for his death) 
  • What was Jesus response? (affirmed her actions)

Smelly Feet

Mix some perfume or vanilla extract ( or any other baking extract you have - almond, lemon  etc…) in some washable paint.  Paint a thin layer of paint on your child's feet. Make foot prints on pieces of paper. 

Lesson Connection:  Mary anointed Jesus with oil on his head and feet. The oil smelled good, like perfume and filled the whole room.  Mary worshiped Jesus.  Jesus is the most important and He deserves to be worship

*If you don’t want such mess factor — just have children paint with “perfumed” paint.  Remind children that the oil that Mary used filled the whole room.


Material and Activites are from the Gosple Life Project - Kids (Life Way), childhood101.com, growingajeweledrose.com