Join 9:00 AM any Sunday!

Sunday's Question

Each Sunday we have a unique question that shapes our conversation. Sometimes it's a question related to the upcoming sermon, sometimes it's related to the time of the year, or it could be a question that just helps us know each other better.

Join in

Why join in on Hello Sunday?

Just like walking into the lobby of the church and saying good morning to your community at Weston Park.

Hello Sunday is meant to be a casual time for us to connect with one another and, by our presence, remind one another that we are there to care and support each other. 

Each week we have a unique question (see below) that helps us get to know one another a little better. Everyone is invited to respond to the question as they are comfortable.

Join in each week, every other week, once a month ... whenever you are able. You are always welcome.

If you would like more information, don't hesitate to contact Cheryl in the church office, or 416241-3861.